Below is a list of screencasts. Make sure you set the video quality at 720p (HD), mute it (screencasts don’t have audio, but there is a static effect in the background), and if you have a small display, watch the video in full screen.

Most screencasts are self-explanatory, but on request a subtitle can be added (see ‘Admin Overview’ – at the beginning).

All posts – jobs, career coach or news, are created and translated in the same way – there is no need to watch for more than one type.


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Before publishing any type of post, make sure that you’ve done the following:

  1. Set a title for the post
  2. Ensure that the post url – the permalink (its box appears when you hover over the title) matches the title. This is especially necessary to check for translations of post.
  3. Set an excerpt for the post (including for jobs, and career coach posts where it’s not displayed – it is used as meta description)
  4. Added a featured image
  5. Added the correct categories/filters
  6. Checked in preview mode that the post display correctly

After publishing, check the respective index page (News/Jobs/Career Coach) to ensure that the new post display correctly there, too. If anything is wrong, switch the post to ‘Draft’ mode.


For both news stories and career coach posts the recommended size for images are:

HERO IMAGE :  width 1920px – 2560px (but without exceeding maximum size), height 474px, maximum size: 1mb

FEATURED IMAGE – NEWS : width 447px, height 330px

FEATURED IMAGE – CAREER COACH : width 1255px, height any size (its best to have a mix up of height sizes among posts for masonry effect)

ARTICLE INNER IMAGES :  947px – 1893px, maximum size: 500kb

It’s best to export an image (ex. from photoshop), at 60 – 70% quality level.

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