Why us

Find your T-spirit

T-spirit means a desire to build a career and desire to work with team, but it also means to do things differently and have the courage to take on new challenges.

Be one of us and find your T-spirit.


Experience your career

Learn everything needed in the role of Junior. Apply the experience as a senior. Expand your knowledge in a different team. Lead your team to success. Take advantage of expert knowledge in innovative projects.


Experience team work

In Deutsche Telekom, we do not know limits. We guide our steps. We are the recipe for success. Because in Telekom the biggest talents grow in the team, we are always better together.


Experience work and life

Bring the joy of life into your desk. Work and life: for you, it goes hand in hand. Work and life: together, they are more fun. Telekom offers the flexibility to get the most out of both.


Experience your future

Being creative means doing things differently. It means having the courage. And embrace new things. Those who are changing, create opportunities. Telekom employees think and act innovative and far beyond the here and now.


Experience leadership

BE one of them. Committed individuals with different skills: listening, communication, persuasion. Finding solutions with your team. In particular: awakening enthusiasm for what we do.


Will you join us?


Our culture