Deutsche Telekom Services Europe Slovakia Privacy Notice

General provisions

The protection of the personal data of employees, customers and other persons associated with the Deutsche Telekom AG (“DTAG”) Group, of which Deutsche Telekom Services Europe Slovakia s.r.o. (“DTSE SK” or “Company”) is a part, is the highest priority of the DTAG Group.

For this purpose, the DTAG Group completed the Binding Corporate Rules Privacy, concerning personal data protection (based on Article 29, Data protection working party, of European Commission Working Document WP 133) applicable to all group companies.

Within these Binding Corporate Rules concerning personal data protection, the DTAG Group defines a standardized and high level of protection for data around the world covering data processing within a single company, the entire DTAG Group and the transmission of data within the group, including at the international level.

According to the Act 18/2018 on Personal Data Protection and on change and amendment of some acts as amended (hereinafter referred to as the “Act”) company Deutsche Telekom Services Europe Slovakia s.r.o., IČO: 44 921 101, sídlo: Legionárska 10, 811 07 Bratislava, is the Controller of filing systems in which personal data of data subjects are processed. The filing system is considered as personal data file that is processed to achieve the intended purpose.

The personal data protection strategy at DTSE SK is based on the principles of personal data processing which are defined with consideration given to the Company’s specifications and in accordance with the requirements of the Act. The Binding Corporate Rules concerning personal data protection applicable to the entire DTAG Group and the corporate guidelines on personal data protection, which lay down the basic competencies of individual company units as a framework document, represent the materialization of the principles of personal data processing.

The company shall protect processed data to prevent damage, destruction, loss, modification, unauthorized access and disclosure, provisioning or publication and from any other unauthorized form of processing or handling.

DTSE SK transmits personal data within EU member states. In this regard, the company ensures that its agents on the territory of other member states shall act in accordance with its instructions and in compliance with the Act and the company has received adequate assurances to protect the rights and legally protected interests of affected parties by contract with these agents and to conduct audits of DTSE SK agents to ensure compliance with its instructions.

Binding Corporate Rules concerning personal data protection (ENG version) 

Data subject´s rights

Data subject shall mean any natural person, whose personal data are regarded to (for example recipient of e-mail messages).

The data subject shall be entitled to request upon a written application:

  1. a) confirmation whether his personal data are or are not being processed,
    b) information about the state of processing of his personal data in the filing system in a generally intelligible form and in the extent under Section 15 Paragraph 1 Points a) to e) Numbers 1 to 6 of the Act;
    c) exact information, in a generally intelligible form, about the source from which the Controller obtained his personal data for their processing,
    d) list of his personal data, in a generally intelligible form, which constitute the subject of the processing,
    e) rectification or erasure of his inaccurate, incomplete or not updated personal data, which constitute the subject of the processing,
    f) erasure of his personal data, if the purpose of their processing was fulfilled; if any official documents containing personal data constitute the subject of the processing, he may request their returning,
    g) erasure of his personal data which constitute the subject of processing if there was a violation in the Law,
    h) blocking of his personal data due to the cancelation of the consent for personal data processing before its expiration if Controller processes personal data based on the consent of the data subject.

The other rights of data subject are regulated by the Section 28 of the Act.

Submission of written requests by data subjects

Requests concerning personal data protection and the processing of such data may be sent electronically to:

or by mail to postal address:
Deutsche Telekom Services Europe Slovakia s.r.o.
CSI oddelenie
Legionárska 10
811 07 Bratislava

Requests received electronically or by mail will be resolved within 30 days from the receipt of a request at the latest by the party responsible for personal data protection.

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